My Freaking Wedding! How many times have you said it since you got beringed and then realized that now you have this major wedding project on your hands. Sure you want to make your Big Day memorable and fun but you don't want it to break the bank either.
The good news is there are many options available and a lot of hidden treasures in the wedding market that you haven't heard of. And it's our goal to bring them to you. 

Cool wedding ideas

Your wedding doesn't have to be white-white and  slit-your-wrist boring. There are plenty of great ideas. See how other couples spiced up the wedding routine and what's on the market to make you Big Day truely special.

Wedding 411

What to do if the groom is allergic to flowers, or most of your guest are on Atkins or vegetarians, or you failed to get in shape to fit into your wedding dress.  How to be prepared for any emergencies...

Alternative vs Traditional

Express yourself! Make your special day really yours! Throw a themed party, choose an off-beat location, stage a red carpet extravaganza...

My Freaking Wedding Bridal Shows

MFW website is the home base to My Freaking Wedding  Bridal Shows. To be on the list for invites, send us an email!

After the Wedding Chores

So the wedding is over and before you fly away for a welll-deserved honemoon, there are just a couple of chores. Handle them fast and in style!

Deals and Coupons for Brides

Coupon and deals from our favorite vendors and the ones we get notified of. 


Coming soon: the report from MFW Bridal show. .  

MFW Bridal show was sponsored by Jumping the Broom - a wedding-theme Sony Pictures movie in theaters on May 6th.  

Magners Cider - the new wedding wine - also sponsored MFW Bridal Show..  

Feeling anti-bridal? Found the perfect guy to marry but hate the idea of a wedding bash? You are not the  only one.
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